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The "Hyatt" name and Annette's family 
The Hyatt House is a family owned and operated business. The name "Hyatt House" was chosen in memory of our dear Grandmother/Great-Grandmother Gladys and her family, whose last name was Hyatt.
We began preparing our first assisted living home in Park Rapids, MN in November of 2004 and our first resident joined us on the following Valentine's Day!
It has been a joy to have many new faces join our family ever since!
We have a total of over 40 years combined experience in the assisted living and business industry within our family and we look forward to meeting the many new residents who will be joining us over the years!
Left to Right: Trinity, Craig, Lonny & Annette, Trista, and Shana

Meet the Family / Management Team
Annette Junes ~ Owner/Manager, 20+ years experience
Annette has been a business owner for most of her life, including a beautiful, lakeside floral shop, many years of restaurant experience and currently enjoying the assisted living industry. She currently resides in the Menahga, MN area. She loves to travel, is a Disney enthusiast and enjoys spending time with her children and grand-children and spouse. 
Trista Barstow ~ 17 years experience
Trista has worked along side her mother, Annette, for many years in her businesses and has naturally started her own over the years and has moved to working online with a technology company. She continues to be active in the management of the Hyatt House and enjoys time with her family. 
Shana Smith ~ 14 years experience
Shana has also worked with her mother, Annette and sister, Trista in the family businesses for many years. Her and her husband, Jerry currently own their own business's, including a Carpet Cleaning business and a small Liquor Store in a fun resort area. 
She's also very creative and loves drawing, dancing and is becoming well known for her cake decorating!
Trinity Junes ~ 15 years experience
Trin is a little younger than the girls and missed out on the cafe and flower shop. But he was right in on the assisted living home. He's a very talented musician (guitar, drums and harmonica) who plays and sings a variety of alternative, rock, and older country (Johnny Cash anyone?), publicly either solo or with his band on a regular basis.  And has even been known to put on a show for our residents from time to time! He has been very involved in the motocross industry for most of his life. Including a lot of riding himself and most recently with the position of driving some beautiful rigs while helping out some of the top names in the industry and now opening his own car dealership.
Craig Mullen ~  10 years building and grounds care
Craig is the youngest of Annette's children. Him and his girlfriend Kristy have been together since they were 14 (nearly 10 years!) and they have a sweet and spunky dog named Pinky. Like his brother Trin, he's also a very talented drummer and loves music. He has an absolute passion for airplanes. He flew his first solo flight before he turned 16. He is currently working with airplanes at the St. Cloud Airport and loves his position there. He is also into machinery and very knowledgeable on the workings of a home, etc. and is quite the handyman. He is continuously expanding his education in relevant area's and enjoys being the care taker of our building. 



Jessica Rybaczuk, General Manager ~  5+ years experience 
Jessica has been with us for several years and has been amazing at managing the onsite activities of the Hyatt House! She is absolutely wonderful with our staff and residents and will help get your loved one settled in as quickly and smoothly as possble!  



     We Look forward to getting to know you and your loved one(s)!

                   Annette Junes (Owner) & Family
                   and Jessica Rybaczuk (General Manager) & Staff